Welcome to my eFolio. My name is James Kelly. I'm from Joliet, Illinois and I am a senior at Holy Cross College. I first found out about Holy Cross College from my brother John who came to Holy Cross a year before me. What I liked most about Holy Cross was that it is a small school of 500 students which caught my attention because I previously attended a school that had 2000 students enrolled. Because of this I knew I would get the one on one attention when needed. When I started classes at Holy Cross the number of degrees being offered was increasing and I chose business. The reason why I chose business was Holy Cross did not have what I really wanted to do which was fire fighting and if I couldn't be a firefighter I would like to work for a sports team some day.

The theme of my eFolio is Exploration and Discovery. The reason I chose this is, during my life time and while here at Holy Cross I have explored new things and discovered new things throughout the United States and some of the world as well including my calling in life. While at Holy Cross I was able to attend Clay Fire Department's fire academy and become a volunteer fire fighter in addition to earning my EMT license at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Holy Cross has allowed me to keep exploring the world, discover new things in life, to help others, and make new friends. Holy Cross also has numerous internship opportunities. My internship was with the University of Notre Dame Women's Basketball team. During my time with Notre Dame I learned numerous marketing skills, what goes in to preparing for and executing a game. I was also given new opportunities like controlling the arena's music and public address system to play school songs and other music throughout the game while the band was unavailable.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my eFolio. Please feel free to browse my resume and previous work experience along with more information on my experiences here at Holy Cross College.